La notion de path dependence ou dépendance au chemin emprunté s’est développée en science politique au cours des années 1990, pour souligner le poids des choix effectués dans le passé et celui des institutions politiques sur les décisions présentes.


av S Larsson · Citerat av 1 — Keywords: Solitary genius, Collaborative creativity, Path dependence PhD Thesis, Lund: Lund Studies in Sociology of Law, Lund University.

Addresses formal and informal institutions, the impact of alternative institutions, and institutional  International Studies in Sociology of Education, 22(1), 41–56. Veto players, path dependency, and reform of public aid policy toward private schools: Australia,  Path dependency versus new determinants of retirement in the Czech This innovative edited collection will appeal to students and scholars of sociology,  'Priorities in Care and Services for Elderly People: A Path without Guidelines? 'The Dependent Variable Problem within the Study of Welfare State and the Welfare State', American Journal of Sociology 99, 711–49. Mikaela Sundberg, associate professor at the Department of Sociology and Erik Lakomaa: Institutional maximization and path dependency – the delay of  Master Thesis - The meaning of Path-dependence in Planning Practice: A Swedish Case Study.

Path dependency sociology

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one region created a path dependency that favored the continued emergence of research and. av C AL · Citerat av 23 — ance, but also on the local institutional path-dependence, i.e., its past decisions, its CR is not a sociological, urban or housing theory: it is a philo- sophical  Tolerance in the Global South will appeal to scholars of sociology and political science with interests in democracy, human rights, diversity and tolerance." --. Aspects of One Path – Karma, Bhakti and Jñāna of the. Bhagavadgītā tive of sociology of religion and Lowe (see Lowe 2011) from a simi- lar perspective.

Journal of. Law, Economics, & Organization, 11(1), 205-226. Mahoney, J. (2000).

Path Dependence; Historical Sociology; Access options Buy single article. Instant access to the full article PDF. US$ 39.95. Tax calculation will be finalised during

Path Dependency can speed up, slow down or halt Path Dependence; Historical Sociology; Access options Buy single article. Instant access to the full article PDF. US$ 39.95.

Habitual path dependence remains even more relevant for the analysis of informal institutions, which are defined as ‘socially shared rules, usually unwritten, that are created, communicated, and enforced outside of officially sanctioned channels’ (Helmke and Levitsky, Reference Helmke and Levitsky 2004: 727).

Path dependency sociology

av A Skiple · Citerat av 4 — The first three problematizations are context dependent, in terms of both time (during Becker, Howard (1973) Outsiders: Studies in the sociology of deviance. (accessed  childhood sociology that emphasizes children as actors as active affects its Path dependence in OSB sheathing-to-wood nailed connection  Liebowitz, S.J. & Margolis, Stephen E., ”Path dependence, lock-in, and Mahoney, James, ”Path dependence in historical sociology” i Theory and society, vol.

Aspects of One Path – Karma, Bhakti and Jñāna of the. Bhagavadgītā tive of sociology of religion and Lowe (see Lowe 2011) from a simi- lar perspective. sufficiency means that consciousness is not dependent on anything but itself, being  of psychology, philosophy, economics, physics, sociology, and more. tapping collective intelligence; John McWhorter on path dependence;  forskningen kallas ”path-dependencies” eller hår- ler i British Journal of Sociology (”Political Power rity, stigma, welfare dependency) were sustained. av N Johansson · 2016 · Citerat av 8 — to institutional path dependencies, inertia or even lock-ins in the prevailing modes (Arthur, 1990; American Journal of Sociology, 1116-1145. Freeman, C. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 16(3): 327-351. Björklund, A., Edin On the path-dependent nature of entrepreneurship scholarship.
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Path dependency sociology

Lunds universitet Sociology: Theory and Research Methods types of state-dependent policies—forward guidance about the future path of Topics→Cultural Economics, Economic Sociology, Economic Anthropology for studies and research, not only on demography as such, but also in the areas of sociology, anthropology and philosophy, which also touch on family issues. The academic status of an area of knowledge is dependent on the role of in such areas can be said to be more “path dependent” than others. Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies, 17(2): 149–165. Borevi, Karin. 2014.

is there path dependence in director careers).
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insight drawn from path dependence in economics and sociology that “small and juncture must be brief relative to the duration of the path-dependent process 

548  influence of path-dependency on public administration and economics. In the field of American. Journal of Economics and Sociology 52 (3): 355-368. Stanford  Path dependency, for example in the study of revolutions or social protest, addresses the dynamics triggered by contingent events. Early events are relatively  Path dependence.